Worship The Christ

Over the past year I’ve really developed a strong liking for messianic Jewish worship music, and Joshua Aaron’s songs are at the top of that list! I enjoyed this music video so much I had to share it with you. The whole video was shot with a drone flying over the Sea of Galilee! Where Jesus performed so many of His miracles. And it was here, in these surrounding hills of Galilee that Jesus would often go up and pray for the night. As He does in Matthew 14:23. You will also see the Jordan river, where Jesus got baptized, as the drone fly’s over at the 1:23 min mark.

As I watch this music video I cant help but imagine the God of the universe walking along these shorelines and hillsides. I hope you are blessed by this song and video as I have been! Shalom!


Here is my personal playlist from Spotify as well, feel free to check out if you like, it has many messianic Jewish songs – (Scroll towards the middle and bottom of the playlist see more of the Messianic worship songs) 


Be Blessed! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Worship The Christ

  1. You will add Sarah Liberman, once you hear her music. The entire album, I Am Before You is remarkable. My favs are Worthy is the Lamb, Offering, I am Before You, and Fire of your Spirit (of another album)…You’re very welcome!!


  2. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I had not heard of Joshua Aaron, but sure will check him out after listening to this. As a worshipp leader, I love this type of music! Glory to God!

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